Search is evolving

A new method of searching your Refernet system

Our new development

Due to a significant increase in the use of Refernet during Covid, we are rolling out a new Search capability for all our users. Search results will now happen instantaneously as you type your criteria into the Search field, results are displayed as you type.

You can search for names, agencies, locations and referral IDs. Searching for names and locations is as simple as typing the first few letters of your query!

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback – which can be included in our Refernet user group discussions. The launch of the new search facility is planned for week commencing mid-December 2020.

Where do I find the new search?

The search field is right at the top of your home page and on the Referral pages. Simply click into the bar and start typing. Results are shown as soon as Refernet finds them in your system.

The homepage search will find matches from your entire account. The search within the Referral pages will only search within the Referral status. eg: The open referrals search on the ‘Referrals > Open’ page will only search within Open referrals.

Using shortcodes

The new search offers a quick way for you to use shortcodes to search for specific criteria. Currently we are supporting the hastag # code for finding partial or full Referral IDs.

Hastag – #

Simply type a hashtag followed by the referral ID or partial referral ID and all the matching referrals will be returned. eg: #42 will return all referrals with the Id of ’42’ in their number.

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