Typical user groups connected to Refernet

Doctors Surgeries

We know that Doctors surgeries are very busy and are often constrained by internal and external systems which are imposed but perhaps don’t always enable referrals in an efficient manner to go to outside parties / agencies.

Refernet is a low impact solution which allows doctors and other practice staff to manage referrals to outside organisations which they are connected with in a safe and secure manner.

Housing sector

Refernet is used extensively to help relocate vulnerable people which involves Housing Trusts and other agencies. The system provides a platform through safe referral with outcomes – so everyone knows that the client has been suitably re-homed.

Typical agencies in the local Refernet circle will often be involved in this process, including food banks, financial, legal, and age related agencies.

Financial services

Money Advice, debt, and other financial services, is one of the most important areas of advice in the UK. Refernet connects many agencies across cities and counties, to help local people who have money problems. There are often links with legal advice, council and housing services amongst others.

Parole services

Rehabilitation is a vital component for ex-offenders and Refernet is an ideal bridge between the Parole services and outside agencies in helping deliver a comprehensive support package.

Outcomes are an important aspect of this process in the rehabilitation journey.

Legal services

We worked with the Legal Services Commission for a number of years in Brighton, where we had the original idea for Refernet and indeed, we designed and produced the LSC handbook and database.

Referring customers to and from solicitors and legal services is a common requirement which always requires an audit trail. Varied agency destinations for client referral make Refernet a natural tool for this process.

Education sector

Schools and universities have a need to manage the social care and intake / placements for students. Refernet’s flexibility makes it possible to network reliably with numerous agencies and other education services around them.

Inviting them to use Refernet gives all parties in the process of handling sensitive information and documents with respect to  students the reassurance and capability to do so, knowing that everyone who needs to know about a referral will be able to responsibly do so.

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Refernet is a service developed, built, provided and supported by ViccariWheele Ltd