Protocols for using online Calendars

Manage bookings using 3rd party services

Refernet has a single remit – to manage referrals, and the core system concentrates on this highly focused function. However we have developed a protocol to help users integrate booking alongside making referrals. The Refernet team have added some funtionality to Refernet to deliver limited customer data into Google Calendar (or Microsoft’s Office365 Calendar). There is also a protocol for how to manage the booking process.

Agencies set up calendars where they want to receive bookings and Refernet now has an ‘Export to Google Calendar’ button. Clicking this, opens Google Calendar with limited customer details. Only the Refernet ID and perhaps the initials of the customer are carried in the calendar for security. Both parties already know the ID number for reference.

The calendar just shows where and how many slots are available.


(Click the image to see notes per day showing concurrent availability etc. as added by the receiving agency).

Receiving agencies can publish the slots they want to make available within the calendar. The receiving agency is aware that a booking has been made as they receive a Refernet notification email. All communiction happens in Refernet, which keeps a record of activity, and allows referrers to notify of any change if needed.

We can create a tailored plan for your particular requirement with respect to how you would like to run the booking process. Please call for more info on. 01273 244099

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