Quickly understand the basics of Refernet

Refernet is designed to be easy to use. However, here are a few resources to help you further.
If you are an Agency User and you can’t find what you need here, then your first point of contact for assistance is your System Administrator.

Purge a referral.

If a customer asks you to remove all their details from Refernet, give your System Administrator the relevant referral ID, and they will do this for you.

Data anonymisation.

Ask your System Administrator about setting your Agency’s anonymisation countdown, after which, customer data is automatically removed from referrals.

Password reset issues.

Sometimes when a User needs a new password, it doesn’t work. As a Primary User or System Administrator, here is the process to run through with them, to ensure they get connected again.

How to make a referral

Find out how to find an Agency to refer your client to, fill out the referral form and send. Plus add Agencies to favourites.

Managing Users in Refernet

If you are a Primary User at an Agency, find out how to manage your other users. Read the security pdf document as mentioned in the video here. here

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