Refernet chosen by Kent County Council for its digital referral platform. 23 September 2022


Kent County Council chooses Refernet

Pioneering new ideas and applying digital solutions in support of streamlining client referral across Kent is something Kent County Council (KCC) are totally committed to.

The Referral Support team at KCC recognised that building a strong digital referral network for Kent is as important as ever, with many of its citizens struggling with multiple issues in these challenging times.

The call it ReferKent

With plenty of trustworthy Advice Services available across the whole county of Kent, some of whom have already been using Refernet for several years (including Citzens Advice) – it just needed a proven digital ‘platform’ like Refernet behind the scenes to refer clients securely towards the appropriate Advice Partner Services, to meet their partcular needs.
By introducing time saving efficiencies, clearer outcomes for funders, and most importantly a proven reduction in stress for the client, Refernet will help to streamline KCC’s future referral processes, and strengthen existing relationships with its many agency partners.

Refernet’s ease of set-up and implementation was also a factor in the KCC decision; being a cloud based service means it can be accessed easily using secure passwords, across multiple PCs and web browsers, without any actual installation. Part of Refernet’s immediate attraction is down to usability and its modern, mobile friendly design interface – resulting in ‘non-techie’ advice partner teams picking up the system very easily.

Refernet believes the most forward thinking County Councils like KCC stand to gain the biggest benefits of the system. County, City or Borough Councils interested in finding out how Refernet can help their business are invited to call the Refernet customer support team on 01273 244099 for a free, no obligation, demonstration of the Refernet system.

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