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How does the regional feature work?


By default, Refernet creates a referral network where all agencies are operating on the same level. No agency has priority over another, except where Administrators are able to exclude each agency’s visibility to other agencies. By adding the Regions function, you can group agencies according into a region, eg: boroughs of a City,  Counties, Parishes or wards.


When users search for an agency, regional enabled systems report agencies within that users region and also outside the region.

Default agencies for Self Referral

If you use the Self Referral feature in Refernet, you can also regionalise where Self Referrals from the general public are sent. Each Region has a default agency where self referrals are posted from the public. This allows regional groups of agencies to triage self referrals to local agencies more effectively. As the public refer themselves, they choose the region they are in.

Visualising the regional feature

Each region in Refernet can utilise its own Public agency for the purposes of recieving and then triaging public referrals.

There is always the system’s default Agency where any public referrals will arrive, should the public not know where to send themselves.

This diagram explains the structure of how this works.

The regional add-on is a premium feature,
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