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Our pretend Agency website for self referral

When you need advice, self referral might be best


Imagine this page as part of your own website.

You can now give clients the opportunity to refer themsleves to you, with the expectation that they will contacted soon, by someone in the Refernet network. The idea is that their referral gets routed to the right partnership organisation directly. It maybe you, or another partner.

Enabling self referral for clients can be made with simple link to your Refernet Self referral page.

You will need a consent statement ‘in front’ of the referral process, perhaps like this:

I consent to this referral to Citizens Advice for the purpose of directing my inquiry to the most appropriate support by themselves or with one of their registered partner agencies.

We act as a data controller for the purposes of the GDPR regulations 2018. We will manage the information provided on this form in accordance with this Act which has replaced the Data Protection Act(1988).

We are only collecting your personal information in order to make that referral possible.

By Clicking forward you are indicating your consent.

Then a button to invite them to refer. 



Give it a try here

Self referral will support what you aleady do with telephone calls (and face to face meetings outside of pandemic limitations of course).

The prominence of your message will to some extent regulate how much traffic you recieve.

See some real life examples here:

As part of this demo, you can now login to our demo system to see it arrive and manage it from there…

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