Self referral

Allow the general public to self refer to your Refernet system

Direct referrals for the general public through your Agency website

Public referrals direct to you
Refernet allows for an external link to open a portal to your Refernet system.

You have complete control over the prominence of the self refer button on your Agency website top page and description of the advice services you are offering.

See Citizens Advice Lancashire’s website

The customer will click through to your consent page/statement before adding their details and the nature of their issue.

In Refernet, your nominated ‘Default’ Agency will recieve this referral for your team to pick up and manage in the usual way.

Regional self referrals
If your Refernet is a regional system, customers can direct themselves into any of the regions, for triage by your team(s) by region.

Consent page

What are the benefits?

• Provides the general public with an online option to reach you and your team in addition to face to face, phone and email contact methods.

• Out of hours and at other times when access to your offices or phone service might not be available – particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic – your website and Refernet will safely deliver referrals to you.

• You take control of the responses you give and Refernet records referral activity with an audit trail.

• Some customers like the discretion of interacting privately and securely online.


It’s really easy. Don’t just take our word for it, ask one of the user group using this feature

How do we start?
Call us and we will give you the link to add to your website. We will liaise with your webmaster to help them if needed.

Here is a PDF document explaining what they need: Self referral for Web Masters.

You will need to add a ‘Default Agency’ to your system – if you don’t have one set up already, which will recieve the general public referrals:

Sign in as Administrator, and under ‘System’ > ‘System details’ scroll to the bottom and assign a Default Agency from your list. You may want to create a new Agency to handle Self Referrals.

Self referral page in Refernet

The Refernet self refer service can also be managed by a regional group of Advice agencies and the referrals distributed accordingly.


How does self referral work?

3rd sector appeal

“It gave us confidence knowing that Refernet was already being used by CA’s with some of the biggest names in the Third sector. The ability to have a trackable client referral with a measurable outcome is invaluable”

Guy Simpson

Advice Services Manager, CA Lancashire


“Refernet is really simple to use and saves our advisers time – by identifying partners who can help our clients and then making a quick referral, we can achieve the best outcomes for clients and can focus our efforts on what we’re really good at”

Helen Beckerson

Fundraising Manager, CA North & West Kent

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East Sussex

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