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Please fill in this form to enable us to set up your new Refernet system. (A brief guide to what to expect as you progress to a fully operational service is here). Don’t hesitate to call if you are unsure about anything. 01273 244099

    1. Partnership / Organisation details

    2. Partnership Title - In the form:

    'Your Partnership Title Refernet System'

    (See screen shot example below)

    3. URL - Your preferred the system web address in the form: - Shorter is better. (See screen shot example below)

    6. Initial Agencies

    Details of two of your initial Partners, plus your own Advice Agency details. (For your own Agency, this is distinct from the Admin details above, in that these details are for the making of referrals, not as a system administrator / owner - if different). We will add these for you and then during training show you how to add more.


    Once we have this information we can finish your system and set a date with you for a Zoom training session with you and your team. You will then be able to invite partners into the system and send them login details to begin referring.

    Example below of the Partnership in Southampton. URL: and the Title: Advice in Southampton Refernet System.

    Step-by-step to getting started

    1. You will need to appoint an administrator who will manage day-to-day running of the service and invite new Agencies.

    2. Appoint a partner liaison. This is essential for engagement with partners to promote the service, train and possibly re-train them.

    3. Have your Data sharing agreement(s) ready, to allow partners to work together online. (We can provide some contacts, and guidance about how these have been developed by others)

    4. Consider re-charging your service to external partners, if you think this is possible / appropriate.

    5. Manage expectations about security and reliability. Refernet can provide general technical, commercial information. (For security reasons we don’t publish specific technical details about how the service operates). Note: Refernet is currently finalising steps to achieve a listing on the Government approved service directory listing in G-Cloud, which will help support LGA referral queries.

    6. Commissioning Refernet involves signing an order for the service, which will be for a minimum of 1 year. Payment is in advance. Once payment is made the system will normally be live within 10 working days, as per terms of contract.

    7. In that period we will provide your system login details – by request we can offer to pre-fill basic system information, add your network brand to the top page, add first 2-3 Agencies of your choice, and their agency logos. (Note: the system is effectively an empty shell for you to populate as you see fit). You are the Data Controller (for GDPR purposes)

    8. Once we provide your login details, this is your Start Date and sets your yearly renewal cycle date, for the year to come. You are paying for each year from this date, unless notice is given within the contract period.

    9. We offer Administrator training via Zoom, so that your team to be confident with regard to setting up the new network and inviting / managing new Agencies you bring onboard.

    10. Refernet provides an optional self referral link for client and partner website webmasters, so that the general public can refer themselves.

    11. The Refernet team provides business hours support for the administrative team as they fine tune their referral processes. We can also offer additional training session/s with your initial partners, to get up-to-speed with how to refer.

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    Refernet is a service developed, built, provided and supported by ViccariWheele Ltd