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Refernet is the only online referral tool that delivers conclusive signposting and referrals

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A unique and secure, online referral management system

Refernet is a unique, secure, online referral management system that’s been developed to provide secure communication between partners, offering external agencies and organisations a fool-proofed method of referring their clients for help. It is designed to complement your existing case management tools or to act as a simple case management system in it’s own right.

Refernet can provide your partnership or network with:


  • Easy to use, simple and intuitive system
  • Bespoke branding and identity
  • Password protected accessibility for different user levels
  • Network and individual agency reports available to system administrators
  • Data security and password protected accessibility
  • Wide application for national, regional and sub-regional partnerships
  • No limit to the number of organisations
  • Full search facility and filtering by category and level of service, geographical locations & more
  • Enhanced service profiles
  • Secure document transfer
Bespoke branding and identity
We’ll tailor your Refernet site to create a new identity for your partnership, or we can match your existing brand, including your own colours and logos. In this way, your Refernet site becomes your own.
Password protected accessibility for different user levels
Refernet administrators issue random passwords for all site users, which can then be changed to suit each user and organisation. This password then remains confidential to the user.

Network and individual agency reports available to system administrators
System administrators can view reports providing invaluable data on the number and percentage of referrals being made, accepted and declined across your network and for individual organisations.

Full search facility
A customised detailed search facility that allows users to filter their search to a fine degree, ensuring that they find the right organisation for a client’s particular needs. Search criteria may include levels of service, geographical locations, different service options, accessibility and many more.

Enhanced service profiles
Detailed profiles of service agencies within the network, including the type of services offered, which client groups are served, opening hours, staff names and fee structures can all be accommodated.

Secure document transfer
Automatic notification is sent to the originator when the documents have been retrieved from the secure server by the receiving agency. This allows for the fast transfer of sensitive data and the transparency to know that the intended recipient has received it securely. Additional documents can be sent at any time.

Regions & Cities
Refernet is now being commissioned by groups of agencies, like Citizens Advice Bureaux, who want to jointly use Refernet, so they can share the cost and deliver a broader service across a region, city or county for example.

There is no additional cost for commissioning Refernet in this way as our pricing model for a system is set based on population covered across any Refernet network.

Our users tell us they like Refernet because:

  • Extremely easy to use, for Admins and Agencies.
  • Has a modern user interface (easier to ‘sell’ to third party agencies, invited by CAB’s)
  • Is scaleable to a whole city and a region, with reports on all referral activity / performance.
  • Is secure, and GDPR compliant.
  • Allows for unlimited referrals, unlimited agencies, unlimited users (within the agreed contracted region).
  • Is Mobile friendly – so it can be used to make referrals on a mobile or tablet (useful out in the field).
  • Sends text messages to clients (keeps the client up-to-date, with a referral ID number and which Agency is taking care of them).
  • Allows documents to be attached safely, so all parties can have access.
  • Has a focus on outcomes and reports – this can make a difference for funding.
  • Has flexible referral forms, that can be edited to suit the user group.
  • Has a significant, and active development programme, which our user group engage with.
  • Has video training modules, support process with tickets, plus telephone contact number during business hours.
  • Is structured so no one else has access to any of your data, apart from the parties that are handling the referral. You own your own data.
  • Uses current web technology .net built.
  • Hosted on its own dedicated UK based server who are fully ISO compliant.

3rd sector appeal

“It gave us confidence knowing that Refernet was already being used by CA’s with some of the biggest names in the Third sector. The ability to have a trackable client referral with a measurable outcome is invaluable”

Guy Simpson

Advice Services Manager, CA Lancashire


“Refernet is really simple to use and saves our advisers time – by identifying partners who can help our clients and then making a quick referral, we can achieve the best outcomes for clients and can focus our efforts on what we’re really good at”

Helen Beckerson

Fundraising Manager, CA North & West Kent

Agency, Client and Community Referrals

Our demo site shows an application for a typical Community Banking Partnership (CBP) which aims to address financial exclusion in a Borough or District.

Refernet has the flexibility to serve large and small partnerships and, because it is web-based, the geography of any partnership or network does not restrict its application.

We listen to what our user groups request of the product for the future. The current applications for this unique product is already recognised, but already much is planned for future development.

In order to supply the right service in a changing world and to remain flexible for all areas of public services, private practice and industry who rely on making referrals – if you would like to discuss further how we can help you, please contact us. We would be happy also to arrange a live demonstration.
Some of the applications we are working on include:


  • Community Legal Advice Centres and Networks
  • Integrated Social Welfare Law Centres and Networks
  • Financial Inclusion Partnerships
  • Community Banking Partnerships
  • Reducing re-offending partnerships
  • Supporting people partnerships
  • Preventing homelessness partnerships

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Refernet is a service developed, built, provided and supported by ViccariWheele Ltd