About Refernet

From humble beginnings our system was born

Who are we?

Our journey to providing a leading referral system for advice agencies began in 2005.

We come from a design led web services background where we have expertise in supplying a referral service for the motor industry.

The Refernet story began when we were invited to work for the Legal Services Commission in Brighton, to work with on a database service and CD and print project.

Developing our system

Our work there led quickly to an understanding of the need for an online referral service to further enhance the efficiency within this sector and then expand into producing a service which would provide referrals management for multiple agencies in local and regional areas. The Citizens Advice service in the UK is a nationwide franchise offering help to citizens across all aspects of social need, and Refernet’s early implementation proved ideal for this sector.

As of mid 2018, our new website provides a resource which now matches the system User Interface, providing mobile and tablet friendly screens, and even greater simplicity and ease of use. It has greater adaptability for the various uses our customers need, and perhaps most importantly, the pricing structure makes Refernet very cost effective for even the smallest organisations.

Refernet is a service developed, built, provided and supported by ViccariWheele Ltd