New low pricing structure makes Refernet more inclusive!

The Refernet team have spent the last 6 months evaluating the way the system is priced, including discussions with new and existing customers to gain their input. 
Great care has been put into the fairness of charges, and Refernet now calculates the annual service charge by using the following criteria: Agencies in the system, Referral activity, Population served, and Annual Turnover (as published at Companies House). 
Refernet is pleased to announce it is now considerably cheaper for the smaller organisations, whilst ensuring that its larger clients continue to enjoy great value for money from its service. Indeed, you might be surprised to learn your advice network could have Refernet from as little as £850+VAT per annum!
Obviously there are some clients who have business models which are unique. If so, please call us to discuss your bespoke pricing requirements. 
Refernet is a proven system –  improving referral management, referral accountability, and referral security – it is proven to pay for itself!